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How to become a vegetarian is easy – but why become a vegetarian is the question most carnivores ask?

While you probably have heard the expression: “You are what you eat,” has it ever crossed your mind what it means?

Think about that phrase next time you bite into that meaty hamburger. Or that slab of meat lying on your plate that you call a “steak”.

Or you could learn how to become a vegetarian and change your eating habits for the better.

Unfortunately, in some ways, humans have become what they eat.

Have you ever looked at a photograph of blood plasma after consuming a cheeseburger? What used to be a clear substance has now become cloudy due to the cholesterol and fat absorbed from ingesting a high-in-fat burger.

Along those same lines, we also become the very things we refuse to eat as well. After you make the decision to switch to a more vegetarian focused diet, you become less fatty and far less prone to the various types of cancers.

Furthermore, your cholesterol levels begin to improve as well. Once we begin to eat less animal products and instead focus on leaner, healthier food, other fitness and health issues are reduced. In many cases, the incidence of Type II diabetes is reduced as well.

You’ll begin to notice your blood pressure in a normal range and you’ll realize that your body will require less medication than before. Even if you’re on a prescription health plan, adopting a healthier lifestyle saves you money on co-payments and medications.

If your family suffers from a history of high blood pressure or high cholesterol, now is as great as time as ever to revise your eating habits. Once you begin to adopt a more vegetarian diet, statistics show that you can reduce your risk of disease.

Because vegetarians are statistically healthier than an omnivorous person, they are also leaner and tend to live longer. So, why become a vegetarian?
keeping healthy
Isn’t it time you sat down and thought about what you want to be and then eat accordingly? Are you satisfied with being sluggish and overweight? Do you enjoy partaking in the risk that comes with eating animal products and their high-fat content?

Or, do you wish to look like and be what vegetarians are: fitter and leaner with a long lifespan? Now is as good as time as ever to change what you’re eating and increase your chances of a longer, fitter life.

So why not take the advice of the late Linda McCartney, probably the world’s most famous vegetarian, who said “don’t eat anything that has a face”.

Why do people become vegetarian?

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