early humans were vegetarians



Humans didn’t always eat meat.  Looking back at our pre-historic ancestors, have you ever thought about how far we’ve deviated from their eating habits?

Take a moment to think about how the earliest “man” evolved and what he ate. Our ancestors were considered hunter-gathers who did not begin with carnivore characteristics.

In fact, humans were not created to even tear apart animals to eat their flesh. Looking closely at carnivorous animals, take for instance wild cats, you easily see that their teeth were designed to rip and tear, not chew.

The history of our human race places us as vegetarian creatures from the beginning of time. Our digestive systems were not suited to eat meat. Instead, eating meat is a relatively recent occurrence in the history of humans which came about as a way to suit opportunity and necessity. So how did we evolve into meat eating creatures?

One theory is that earliest man most likely observed other carnivores eating meat. Seeing such a sight provided earliest man with the idea that if he could not find any natural foods for eating such as berries, nuts and grains, or vegetables, he could in turn substitute meat to help sustain his life.

Initially we emulated the very creatures we evolved from. Apes, to a prehistoric mind, bore striking resemblance to man in that they walked upright with arms and hands.

Along those same lines, apes also foraged for food, eating items such as roots and berries. More than likely early man picked up on this behavior by watching apes peel bananas or even crushing nuts on stones in order to get at the meaty core.

Since then, humans have been living moment-to-moment, constantly foraging for food. It goes without saying that hunting, after all, requires careful thought and planning. Most importantly, eating meat requires the use of fire. Until such discovery had been made, early man relied on a vegetarian lifestyle as it was the natural order of things. It is no wonder then that vegetarianism is a more natural way of eating that leads to a healthy lifestyle. In fact, it’s a method of living that is far more in line with the natural order of the planet as it doesn’t seek out alternatives to dominate and conquer it.

Reasons to become vegetarian.