changing to vegetarianism


Changing to vegetarianism is really quite easy.

Has making the commitment to becoming a vegetarian proven to be a difficult transition in your diet and lifestyle? If so, the following are a few suggestions on how to have a smoother ride, in fact how to become a vegetarian is really quite easy:

Begin by slowly easing yourself into vegetarianism. Try committing yourself to being a vegetarian at least 3 days per week for the first couple of weeks.

You can accomplish this by substituting certain ingredients in your favorite delicious vegetarian food dish with non-meat items. If you’re making spaghetti for instance, consider using mushrooms in your sauce as opposed to meat balls.

You could even give textured vegetable protein (TVP) a try. The key is to make simple replacements in your recipes to help you stay on the right track to adopting a vegetarian lifestyle. Once you give a try you’ll wonder what you’ve been missing all of your life.

Once you’ve accomplished 3 days per week, the next step is to commit to five days per week for the next two weeks. At this point you’ll want to study the natural foods aisle at your local grocer to learn what other options you have in terms of healthy food ingredients.

Treat yourself to new vegetarian products and work them into your next meal. If you are stuck on ideas for tasty vegetarian recipes, the Internet can be a great source.

You don’t have to limit yourself to being a vegetarian only when you are home. Instead, even when eating out, most restaurants offer vegetarian entrees that are just as delicious as what your friends may be eating. In fact, you may even find inspiration for your next vegetarian dish.

So far you’ve made it 5 days a week. Now what is left is to simply add those remaining two more days to your week.

Once you’ve done this successfully, consider yourself a full-fledged vegetarian.

You can cook or buy ready cooked, delicious meals such as vegetarian casserole or enjoy a curry made with tofu, soya chunks or Quorn™ pieces or use mushrooms and chunks of cut vegetables served with rice and popadums.

After all, you have been doing this for a month now and have proven yourself to be a rookie in the game.

Start taking pride in your accomplishments – not just for your health, but also for the animals and our environment. Becoming a vegetarian is not about simply being perfect; instead, every animal-positive change that is made in your diet has a great effect on everyone.

Switch to vegetarianism.