why do people become vegetarians


So you ask “Why do humans eat meat?” and “Why do people become vegetarian?

So why do humans eat meat? Have you ever stopped to think about what it was like for humans to begin eating animal flesh?

Surely this must have been an unnatural feeling considering we are dear cousins to animals ourselves, something we tend to forget.The experience might even be categorized as a feeling of cannibalism.

So why do people become vegetarians?

Before the consumption of meat, humans were vegetarians who lived peacfully with various other creatures and the earth. Even our closest animal relative the ape was a vegetarian. It remains to be seen that eating nature’s gifts such as grains, fruits, and plants was simply the natural order of things.

Yet, as the old adage goes: necessity is the mother of invention. Consider earliest man who, while he once lived in peace in frozen areas, sought to eat anything he could to survive after such areas became destroyed as result of fire.

Earliest man made the same choice for survival just like the soccer players who survived their plane crash in the mountains of Chile by eating the flesh of their fellow players who died in order to survive. Earliest man’s decision to consume meat has in turn changed human history and health as we know it.

We can assume that earliest man had his first taste of meat that was cooked or charred by a natural forest fire. While they may have tried to eat raw meat as well, we can image that the digestive system of earliest man soon rebelled at such a consumption.

Imagine for one second that after having eating raw vegetables and foods for centuries, you now suddenly begin to incorporate meat byproducts into your diet. Surely you’ve heard of tales of those who tried to resume eating meat only to find themselves violently ill afterwards. Surely this was not a pretty sight.

The human body was not designed to eat meat, yet we soon adapted to it. Nevertheless, human history shows us the meat consumption is indeed a recent development in regards to our evolutionary timeline.

Early humans were vegetarians.