making the change to vegetarianism


How to gradually change to a vegetarian diet.

How do you begin to change to a vegetarian diet? Is it just a question of shopping at your local supermarket? The change to vegetarianism may produce a little anxiety and this is easy to understand.

So try not to think of this change as something drastic. Instead, look at it as improving your diet and encouraging better health. So, how to become a vegetarian?

If you eat a lot of red meat, start by substituting the red meat with alternative foods. Start with eliminating high fat foods such as burgers and bacon. Most certainly cut out fast foods which are notorious for their high salt and fat content. Will you miss your bacon at breakfast time? Try a bacon substitute which comes in rashers and contains no meat. Tastes very similar too!

Of course this will not be the same but it will make giving up these foods easier. What if you have had a health scare? Need to give up everything all at once? Try to look for a variety of flavours and textures and replacing those that you need to give up won’t be such a problem after all. You’ll enjoy making the change.

If you can make the change to vegetarianism slowly and not immediately, all at once, you will have a higher success rate. Even reducing red meat one night a week to start with will make a difference. Reduce it even more as time goes by.

Add more fruit and vegetables to your diet and learn to make more ‘veggie’ dishes. You could start eating some raw vegetables, perhaps with a light dip, before your main meal. This will make you less hungry.

Reverse the proportion of meat to vegetables. Gradually making vegetable dishes your main course. There are many wonderful veggie recipes which do not leave you feeling hungry. Humans are ‘creatures of habit’. We also dislike change so it may be a challenge. Most diets fail because people make drastic changes and expect huge results almost instantly.

Becoming a vegetarian will be a change you should want to keep for your lifetime. The health benefits are enormous and you’ll know that no animal has been killed to feed you.. If you make this change in a natural way and gradually, rather than immediate you can benefit for many years to come when you finally become a vegetarian.

Veggies condemn animal suffering.