healthy vegetarian



In this chapter we shall look at vegetarians and research into heart disease.

Whatever reasons you have for resorting to a vegetarian diet, there is no getting around the obvious health benefits that are derived from elimination of meat from your diet. A healthy vegetarian is a happy vegetarian. Science has proven that vegetarians have an overall lower level of cholesterol, blood fats, and triglycerides than meat eaters who are of similar age and social status. High levels of blood fats increase ones risk of heart disease.

For lacto-ovo vegetarians, those who are classified as eating only egg and dairy products, despite the attempt to abstain from meat and its harmful components, a diet consisting of primarily high cholesterol-raising saturated fats is still not as healthy a choice as becoming a vegetarian or vegan (those who abstain from all animal byproducts).

Researchers have found that older men who consume meat at least six or more times during the course of a week are twice as likely to die of heart related diseases than those who abstain from meat. Looking at statistics for middle-aged men, meat eaters in this category are four times more likely to suffer from fatal heart attacks. As for women, who are partly protected by their hormones, they too can develop heart disease much later in life than men do.

In a 1982 study of which tested over 10,000 meat eaters and vegetarians, British researchers found that the greater amount of meat consumed, the greater one’s risk for suffering a heart attack. While eliminating meat from your diet will help reduce your chances of susceptibility of high cholesterol and heart-damaging fats, substituting large amounts of cholesterol-rich eggs and high-fat dairy products negate the benefits.

In order to experience the heart-saving benefits of becoming a vegetarian, avoid consuming foods such as cream cheese, hard cheese, ice cream and eggs. In place of these, substitute more fruits and vegetables along with raw foods in your diet to enhance the benefits of abstaining from eating red meat.

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