vegetarians condemn animal suffering


Here’s why veggies condemn animal suffering

Can you think of the reasons why we as human beings eat food? While it may seem like a silly question to ponder, we eat food to feed our bodies first and foremost. Secondly, food also serves as a way to obtain emotional gratification from the tastes that are savored. Most humans are considered to be omnivores, meaning we eat any and everything, including meat and poultry.

For those looking to forgo this type of eating behavior, vegetarianism has become route of choice.

If you are looking at how to become a vegetarian you need to understand why. There are many compelling reasons to switch to a vegetarian life, most of which happen to be health-related.

For example, most vegetarians abstain from eating meat due to the inhumane treatment of animals that are slaughtered on a daily basis in order to feed the population. Unfortunately, animal farming on a world-wide scale is grotesquely cruel.

Each time you consume meat you are partaking of the flesh that belonged to an animal whose life what shortened in order to make sure it made tonight’s dinner.

Even before slaughter, these animals are kept in small cages where they endure chronic stress on a continuous basis until their time is set to end. They are fed copious amounts of growth hormones and antibiotics to ensure that their natural behaviors and life span are suppressed.

Calves are kept in a constant state of immobility. Pigs aren’t allowed to root. The stress and agony that is placed on these animals’ lives are then placed right on the plate in front of us for our enjoyment.

Have you ever wondered if the flesh from an animal is separate from its spirit and energy? The very stress and depression that makes animals ill can also infect our muscles and organs. What is it about an animal that makes such cruelty tolerable?

Little do we know, we don’t need items such as milk and meat to survive. We’ve long since moved away from the hunter society, yet we’ve evolved into a consuming society.

Now is the time we start thinking differently about what we consume in the name of nourishment for our bodies. Despite evolving from herbivores, we have deviated immensely from that path.

One can only make sense of the need to hunt and eat meat when it is required for survival. However, since that is no longer the case, the options that abound are plentiful and should not have to include the consumption of flesh of suffering animals. Surely there has to be a better way to nourish our bodies.

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